Keith Lee shares reason for his Clash of Champions' absence

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Keith Lee shares reason for his Clash of Champions' absence

Wrestler Keith Lee has recently been involved multiple times in the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion feud between champion Drew McIntyre and challenger Randy Orton, but many fans have noted that the wrestler, who recently arrived from NXT, did not intervene in the latest Pay-Per-View (PPV) that was the Clash of Champions.

Lee was promoted to the company's main roster in August 2020 but since his arrival, not much has been done about him through any particular storyline. This has led to doubts about where he could go from here. The WWE Universe is quite divided about the future of the talented Keith Lee and is of the opinion that certainly his involvement with the likes of Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre certainly can't hurt him.

Keith Lee's choice not to participate in The Clash of Champions

After winning his match on Raw against Andrade, Keith Lee explained why he didn't intervene in one of the most anticipated matches of this said Pay-Per-View (PPV).

Keith Lee has made it clear that he doesn't want to interfere in encounters like Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton did when it came to his encounters, but he doesn't want to stoop to their level. At the same time, the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) must decide what to do in the future with the wrestler given some shortcomings regarding the future prospects of the wrestler.

Notorious Wrestling Observer colleague Dave Meltzer recently spoke about WWE's stance on Keith Lee. Here are his words: "There is no sense at all that WWE has major plans for Keith Lee. There is no real plan regarding him and the only solution I think of is an addition to the feud between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton, but in any case I see Lee almost certainly defeated in this meeting."

There is great anticipation from Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans for Lee and they are hoping that he can finally explode in the Main Roster, but so far the situation has not reflected the expectations of fans and insiders.

Keith Lee could therefore turn out to be yet another victim of the move from NXT to the main roster with Vince McMahon who could play an important role in this defiance this time.