Kurt Angle on how he went about becoming a WWE star

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Kurt Angle on how he went about becoming a WWE star

One of the many producers who left with the cuts that took place in WWE in April, responds to the name of Kurt Angle, now a historic wrestler of the Stamford-based company, but also the winner of two Olympic gold medals and world champion of the TNA.

Over the course of his great career, Kurt Angle did not miss anything, reaching the pinnacle of pro-wrestling and before that he reached the top of the world with wrestling.
At the moment, Kurt Angle is still unemployed, with WWE apparently offering a new role to the now retired former wrestler, with Triple H's words not being honored.

Kurt Angle talks about his first contact with WWE

In his latest interview to the microphones of the WWE broadcast of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or the famous Broken Skull Session, the Hall of Famer of the company wanted to talk about his very first contract signed with McMahon, with Kurt Angle who was still unknown in the world of wrestling, but who was already a big star of American sport.

In fact, the winner of two Olympic gold medals told Stone Cold: "So I went to talk to Jim Ross, he said they couldn't give me what I asked for, but that if I worked hard I could get there. We started with a figure under $ 50,000.

So I tried and 20 minutes later I had my try-out match and JR pushed me into a corner and immediately told me that I absolutely had to sign with them. Well, my first year in business, when I started, was a really good year.

I won the title just ten months after my debut. I had a show with The Rock and then you came along. So my battles began to be worth more, he was able to make more and more money easily, going into the main event with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and I was able to negotiate for a new contract.

So, I managed to ask for what they gave Austin, you know? (laughter ed), I tried." Apparently, the very first offer made by Vince McMahon to Kurt Angle, was immediately rejected by the wrestler, who was eventually persuaded by Jim Ross to sign.

Kurt Angle's preparation in the rings was practically non-existent, having only fought in the wrestling discipline, which has nothing to do with pro-wrestling, but after a few years, Angle still managed to become one of the best wrestlers in history of WWE, with an unparalleled technique, which few other colleagues can say they have acquired over time.