Stephanie McMahon explains reason for WrestleMania 36 organisation

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Stephanie McMahon explains reason for WrestleMania 36 organisation
Stephanie McMahon explains reason for WrestleMania 36 organisation (Provided by Wrestling World)

2020 is certainly one of the most unique and atypical years in the history of wrestling with a pandemic that has affected the whole world and even WWE executive Stephanie McMahon is aware of it. Never in the history of the company has WWE had to play a year with empty arenas and have had to study alternative methods so that the company would not have problems.

One of the biggest dilemmas for Stephanie McMahon and her entire company involved the logistics of WrestleMania 36. The government blocked the possibility of playing the event in front of 75,000 people at Miami's Raymond James Stadium.

Since WrestleMania 36, the company has successfully held three more major PPVs: SummerSlam, PayBack, and most recently, Clash of Champions. The company also came up with the ThunderDome to provide a different unique experience for its audiences but since WrestleMania 36 came right at the start, the company, too, was taken aback and needed some time to come to terms with the new normal.

Now, the company looks to have figured it all out which is why McMahon's, who is its Chief Brand Officer (CBO), words are so important now.

Stephanie McMahon's words on WrestleMania 36

Intercepted on's microphones, McMahon revealed the WWE trial after the government blockade: "First of all we had to take into account the safety of our fans, our superstars and our employees: this is essential.

By working with local government offices in Florida, the CDC and the World Health Organization, we have made sure we are in line with all possible recommendations for doing the Right Thing." McMahon then tried to understand how WWE came to the decision to play WrestleMania 36 at the Performance Center: "We had to think quickly and first we wondered if the show should go on and where to play it.

We decided that we have a responsibility to our fans and that we should make the best possible product at all costs. Our mission is to make people smile and keep the programming going." At the same time, Stephanie McMahon admitted that at that time the meetings with the professionals and with the wrestlers were very tense and the latter were concerned about the situation.

This as for all companies represented uncharted territory for WWE, a situation where it is impossible to blame anyone and except for the lack of all initial tests, WWE has used all means available to safeguard its athletes.

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