Is Brock Lesnar moving to the UFC from the WWE?

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Is Brock Lesnar moving to the UFC from the WWE?

After leaving the WWE rings, due to his expired contract that Brock Lesnar preferred not to renew at the moment, it would seem that the former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion and former Universal Champion of the McMahon-owned company, could soon return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) octagons, to return to cover one of the most important roles in Dana White's company.

Apparently, the non-renewal that made The Beast leave the scene, is said to have been strongly desired by the athlete himself, with Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) having also proposed a very conspicuous renewal compared to the past, which Lesnar would not have accepted.

The initial idea of Vinc ​​McMahon was, however, to keep the athlete on ice until the next show where a large audience can be brought back to the company's shows and therefore for the next few months Lesnar's absence from the federation rings was in every case insured.

Could Brock Lesnar sensationally land in the UFC thanks to a sumptuous offer?

As reported in the last hours by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Dana White is said to be working on a possible sensational return of Brock Lesnar to the Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC), with a great offer that could soon ring the door of the former WWE Champion as well as a former heavyweight champion of the UFC, for a possible match against Jon Jones.

To the microphones of one of the latest newsletters, Meltzer revealed:

"Jones had some qualms about moving into the lightweight division and claimed the title after Blachowicz's victory, who showed there was more to not wanting to defend.

the belt against Reyes, compared to vacating the title. He will not because he is serious about moving into the heavyweight and is actually already working to compete there, gaining weight and training for the move, knowing that then he will have matches ahead of him that will bring a lot of money against Stipe Miocic, Francis Ngannou and probably after a long work of convincing also the situation to be 'never say never', by Brock Lesnar."

Furthermore, according to reports from Meltzer, the UFC is said to have an even huger economic offer ready for Brock Lesnar, to be able to bring him back to its rings, with a proportion between appearances and money put on the scales that is said to be even more advantageous than the agreement signed with the McMahons in recent years.