After a short-time run, is Raw Underground going to be stopped?

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After a short-time run, is Raw Underground going to be stopped?

As many of you may have noticed, in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE did not air the usual segments from the Raw Underground black ring conducted by Shane McMahon, with the federation cameras always remaining in the ThunderDome of the Amway Center in Orlando, without staging any match from the company's cordless square.

Apparently, the reason for the absence of Raw Underground from the last episode of the flagship show of the Stamford-based federation would be to be found in the limited preparation time that the WWE had to prepare the entire lineup of the episode, with the employees works that started working on the thing only in the early afternoon of Monday, with Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard who are said to have had no time to come up with anything for Raw Underground.

Has WWE already decided to close its doors to Raw Underground?

In the last few hours, many have worried about the future of the Raw Underground segment, with several fans of the WWE Universe who have in fact asked several insiders and several journalists if they had news of Shane McMahon and his "creation", with the usual Wrestling Observer which, as always, reported some interesting news, fresh from the day.
As revealed by Dave Meltzer, in fact, the absence of Raw Underground from the WWE schedules would have been only momentary, with the delays of last Monday and above all the problem linked to the small outbreak of NXT and the Performance Center, which in fact affected the lineup of the Monday Night Raw card, preventing executives from including the segment in the last episode of the red show.

According to the well-known journalist, therefore, Raw Underground would be far from being canceled and indeed in the next episodes we will also have great news on the segment. As revealed later by the journalist, all the various subjects who have been part of Raw Underground in the past few weeks, should undergo changes and shifts in the next episodes of Raw, with Meltzer's phrase that does not explain the concept better.

We'll see what WWE will come up with in the coming weeks then, with Shane McMahon and his athletes trying as usual to entertain the public from home in a way that is unusual for classic pro-wrestling. Whatever the reason might be, in the short time it has been around, Raw Underground has gained a following.

In other words, Shane McMahon's idea has not gone unnoticed either by the audience or by the who's who of WWE management.