When will Edge make a return to the WWE rings?

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When will Edge make a return to the WWE rings?

Although the news that emerged in recent days regarding Edge's physical situation has been quite mixed, between those who are sure that the athlete will return in time for Wrestlemania and the Canadian who continues to say that his rehabilitation seems to be longer than expected, apparently the management of the WWE is said to have already prepared everything for his return.

Even if the WWE Hall of Famer were to take a little longer than expected to recover 100% from the laceration of the triceps of the right arm, Vince McMahon and associates are said to have come up with a perfect plan, which could lead the former WWE Champion to even compete.

in the Royal Rumble of 2021, complete with victory for him.

Will Edge return to the Royal Rumble even if he hasn't recovered 100%?

According to what was revealed in the last hours by the Wrestling Observer, it would seem that the WWE is pushing the feud between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton to the maximum, so as to always keep the Legend Killer on the crest of the wave, in view of the end of his feud against Edge, scheduled for next year.

As reported several times by various sites in the sector and by various sources within the company, the desire of WWE is to have the main event of the next edition of Wrestlemania with a match between Edge and Randy Orton, which will most likely also be valid for the WWE Championship, with Orton who should enter the Showcase of the Immortals as a champion.

Although Edge is still far from full recovery from his injury, it appears WWE is still planning a fleeting comeback for the athlete's Rumble, with Edge's physical condition that even if they weren't the best, they could still allow the Hall of Famer to take part in a very quick contest for him.

As reported by Dave Meltzer, in fact, the WWE is said to have proposed a quick and light appearance for Edge even if he is not yet at 100%, given that the recovery time for him would be indicated around 6-8 months, with February which should be the maximum term of his recovery.

Should Edge then take part in the Rumble, winning it, the wrestler would then have until April to fully recover from his injury before meeting his archenemy in the company's ring again.