What will be Roman Reigns' future in the WWE?

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What will be Roman Reigns' future in the WWE?

As reported recently, both Roman Reigns and cousin Jey Uso are said to have petitioned the WWE to be placed in a stable heel by the company, with the two opponents currently starring in one of the most important storylines of Friday Night Smackdown, which have feared this hypothesis in some interviews kept (in part) outside their character.

Obviously, at the moment, Reigns and Jey could not under any circumstances be included in a stable together, given the great resentment that is arising between the two for the Universal title at stake in their feud, with a second match valid precisely for the laurel.

maximum of the blue show, which will take place in the next ppv of the company: Hell in a Cell.

Would WWE be serious about stable with Roman Reigns and his cousins?

As we concluded the news just seven days ago: "But you never know, that WWE will not take inspiration for such a stable in the future."

Apparently, this sentence could not be more correct, because, in the last few hours, it seems, the WWE would be seriously thinking of inserting some plans regarding a stable that will be led by Roman Reigns and other members of his family, to be included in the various Smackdown cards.
As reported by the well-known Wrestling News site in the last few hours:

"There have been some discussions in the creative team about Roman Reigns going to be the leader of a stable with Jey and Jimmy (when he has regained his health) and other members in future."

Although at the moment all this is just a thought of the creative team that will need time to be realized, both because Jimmy Uso has not yet healed from the ligament tear in his knee, and because the current feud between Roman Reigns and cousin Jey is still far from ending, it would seem that the WWE has quite clear ideas, with the assist offered by the two protagonists of Smackdown only a week ago which apparently had the desired effect.

Recently, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso clashed at the Clash of Champions. While Reigns' win and claim to the title of the "Tribal Chief" was supposed to be a done deal on the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Reigns' refusal to do so led to the announcement of a Hell in a Cell bout between the two. Hell in a Cell will be held on 25th October.