AJ Styles on The Worst Bump Of His Wrestling Career

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AJ Styles on The Worst Bump Of His Wrestling Career

AJ Styles is a veteran professional wrestler and he recently spoke about the worst bump that he has ever taken in his career. Before joining WWE, AJ Styles was an indie wrestling star. He was also one of the top wrestlers at Impact Wrestling.

He has fought some of the best indie stars in the US. AJ Styles made his WWE debut a few years ago, and has since then won numerous important WWE titles. AJ Styles was on his Twitch channel, where he spoke about the worst bump that he has ever taken in his life.

It was a spot with D-Lo Brown. AJ Styles took a frog splash from D-Lo from top of the ladder.

AJ Styles on Worst Bump Of His Life

"I was talking about this the other night, and I actually had forgotten about it until someone brought the match up," Styles said.

"The guy had said, 'I remember your match with D-Lo Brown in TNA where he Frog Splashed you from off a ladder and put you through a table.' It made me remember laying there and seeing D-Lo jump off the ladder, and then it just went blank.

I don't remember anything else until I came to and was just laying there. "I just remember being in like a dream state," Styles added. "I remember telling myself like, 'You got to get up!' It was weird.

I got up and everything was ok to finish the match. I don't remember bumping my head or having a knot, and I don't know if it was just the impact knocking the breath out of me and losing consciousness for a second. I don't know what happened, because I remember what we were supposed to do and everything.

D-Lo was probably 250 at the time, coming from an 8 foot ladder to the outside, so that's probably at least 10 foot for a big man coming down to the floor. That was not fun. It wasn't a concussion though; I think it just knocked the breath out of me or something."

AJ Styles is one of the most durable wrestlers in WWE right now. He takes impressive bumps and regularly lets opponents manhandle him. Even though he is 40+ now, his body is still in terrific shape. He is also a very powerful wrestler and he can actually lift other wrestlers with relative ease even though he is himself not very large.