AJ Styles Comments on HIs WWE Debut

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AJ Styles Comments on HIs WWE Debut

AJ Styles is currently one of WWE’s top wrestlers and he spoke about his WWE debut on his Twitch channel. AJ Styles is also one of WWE’s most experienced wrestlers. Before joining WWE, AJ Styles made a name for himself all over the world by performing for various indie wrestling promotions.

HIs most notable work was in Impact Wrestling. AJ Styles is also a former part of the Bullet Club. AJ Styles made his first WWE appearance in 2016 at the Royal Rumble PPV event. According to the original plans, WWE was supposed to get eliminated by Edge or Randy Orton.

Of course, that did not happen. He also spoke about how the WWE offer came his way.

AJ Styles on His WWE Debut plans

"It was actually supposed to be Edge and Orton at the same time," Styles said. "Obviously, it didn't happen that way and I only got one of them...

I believe [negotiations happened] in November [2015] - maybe the end of November. I had the chance to talk to Triple H, finally. It was a great conversation and he ended up telling me in the next week or two that they wanted me.

"I actually had to go over to Japan to do Wrestle Kingdom right after Christmas," Styles continued. "It was then that I told them. And despite what you guys think, contracts were not a big thing over there. It was actually more of a handshake deal, and you honored that handshake.

There's nothing wrong with that. Problem was, if I wanted to leave, I could. I kind of let them know that. And this was me, Gallows and Anderson, so that was tough. "We already knew that Shinsuke [Nakamura] was on his way out.

I had to let them know, and I gave them time. They wanted me to win the - I forget what it's called, but it's basically the Intercontinental Championship of New Japan. But anyway, I couldn't do that because I was leaving, and they told me I was signing a contract and that's not how it works”.

Since his debut, AJ Styles has fought some of WWE’s top wrestlers and has won numerous important WWE Titles. Many people thought that AJ Styles would actually leave WWE after his previous contact expired, but he signed a new one. However, some of his former Bullet Club members are in All Elite Wrestling now, and he might join them there someday.