Learning more about WWE's latest offering: The Capitol Wrestling Center

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Learning more about WWE's latest offering: The Capitol Wrestling Center

As reported widely in the last few days, WWE had their umpteenth big idea, moving the recording venue of NXT and its special events from Full Sail University to the Performance Center in Orlando, called Capitol Wrestling Center.

The name is obviously a throwback to the origins of the WWE which began in 1953, as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. There are different versions on who founded the company. Some say it was Vince McMahon's grandfather Jess McMahon founded the company while several others say it was his father, Vincent McMahon who started the company.

But regardless of who may have been its creator, it is impossible to ignore that even the logo of the Capitol Wrestling Center (CWC) is also a homage to the original logo of the WWE. In the brand new building organized in the smallest details by the McMahon family, this night also took part in the flesh and blood fans who attended NXT TakeOver 31, which thanks to the assigned seats very spaced apart and thanks to real cages of steel and plexiglass have managed to fully enjoy the special show dedicated to NXT talents.

This is how WWE's new Capitol Wrestling Center is designed

As widely sponsored by the WWE shortly before the airing of TakeOver 31, the new CWC of the company will have assigned seats that will thus be able to contain within the former Performance Center several dozen fans, who are part of both the relatives of the wrestlers involved.

in the matches of the various cards of NXT, both of ordinary people who pay the tickets to watch the battles of their heroes.
If all of this wasn't enough, WWE still integrated the live audience with the virtual one on the various screens mounted on the walls of the CWC, as used in the ThunderDome of the Amway Center.

In order to invite their fans again to live shows, the WWE has however organized everything in detail, creating real boxes that are spaced from each other and in which a maximum of ten people can enter, equally spaced apart.
Each box also has paper towels and sanitizing gels at its disposal, which will thus help fans to maintain hygiene and control of possible infections that arrive through contact.

Apparently, the maximum capacity of the arena has not been declared for the moment in terms of the number of fans who accessed the Capitol Wrestling Center (CWC) on Sunday for the NXT Pay-Per-View (PPV), but it seems that as time goes on, WWE hopes to be able to insert more and more. and with them also increase the prevention measures to be applied to the various boxes.