WWE bigwigs jump to show support Velveteen Dream

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WWE bigwigs jump to show support Velveteen Dream

The scandal involving the WWE star Velveteen Dream and an underage girl was one of the most discussed of this somewhat particular 2020. Fans have been clamoring for the NXT superstar to be fired, but WWE preferred to remain vague on the incident, not taking a firm stance.

But now their stance looks to have been revealed as several leading names associated with the federation have rallied behind the wrestler, indicating by whose side they are standing at the moment. The scandal was then amplified by the Speaking Out Movement, which targeted numerous NXT UK and main roster stars, including Matt Riddle.

Triple H intervened on the thorny affair again and, on the occasion of the media call to promote TakeOver 31, took the defense of Velveteen Dream: "Listen, Dream has had a really difficult year, there is no denying it.

He's trying to rearrange his life, he's one of those young guys who hasn't found his way yet and really understood who he wants to be. Often this is a big burden to him, if you know what I mean. His immaturity in private life is creating problems in his professional life."

Triple H defends Velveteen Dream

Given the outcome of the match against Kushida, where he not only came out defeated but also suffered a real beating, it seems that the push intended for Dream has been put on standby for good.

A path not particularly ideal for the former competitor of Tough Enough, praised by many as the future of the WWE (even John Cena had even put him in the list of his eligible opponents). And Triple H himself, who stood up for it, had in the past considered its potential to be completely unlimited .

We remind you that Velveteen Dream was also the protagonist of a car accident, but was then back on the screens. Patrick Clark Jr., this is his real name, is only 25 years old, but his constant mistakes could cost him dearly.

Even Dave Meltzer, a well-known journalist of the Wrestling Observer, believes that his decisive defeat in TakeOver 31 that was held on 4th October, Sunday could represent a tough, albeit temporary, position against him.