Dan Severn on his relationship with The Undertaker

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Dan Severn on his relationship with The Undertaker

MMA legend and former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Dan Severn made interesting statements and anecdote during Jordan Garber's podcast called Now. Many topics covered in the course of the podcast from his experience in wrestling to some vicissitudes experienced with the WWE and not least those concerning his contract with the federation of Vince McMahon and above all his refusal to work with the Ministry of darkness of The Undertaker.

Severn was associated with the WWE briefly for a couple of years that began in 1997. Intercepted during the podcast, the former wrestler said: "I had a very special contract when it comes to the world of wrestling. I was not exclusive to the WWE, but I could work with anyone.

At the time I was also working with the NWA and I was world champion, the NWA wanted me exclusively but I asked for a clear increase otherwise I wanted to evaluate every opportunity every time. During my career I worked with WWE, NWA and many other federations that could hire me over the weekend."

Dan Severn's words and the anecdote about The Undertaker

During the interview, Severn also recounted how he turned down the chance to work as a subordinate of The Undertaker when the Deadman was the Minister of Darkness at WWE.

The former wrestler gave his reasons as follows: "They wanted me to be marked with 666 on my forehead, the mark of Satan in reality and they wanted me to become Taker's disciple. I said to him, 'Guys, calm down' I live in a small town in the United States and this could affect my family, myself and maybe my business and maybe then you will let me go.

You don't realize how many people believe this. If I do this thing and then immediately after leaving WWE everyone will remember me in this role and that's not good. I remember that then WWE threatened to make me lose all the doings and I said to him 'There is no written on any contract, I'm good but if you play bad with me then I could start too..."

The adventure of Dan Severn in WWE then ended in 1999 while The Undertaker's lengthy career came to a halt by the wrestler's own choice, in 2020.