*Spoiler* Mustafa Ali unveiled as Retribution's leader

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*Spoiler* Mustafa Ali unveiled as Retribution's leader

As many sources reported on the eve of 5th October's Monday Night Raw episode, WWE did not seem to have put too much effort into building this latest episode of the red show ahead of the company's annual draft, with the Stamford-based federation leadership having in fact, pulling the handbrake a little in view of the big changes that are expected to start from next week onwards.

Thus, the creative team is said to jave most likely been able to stage a fairly flat episode without exciting content. Well, sometimes fortunately, the rumors turn out to be wrong, with WWE staging an episode of Raw full of ideas and twists, with the biggest one that probably took place in the ring of the red show starring the members of the Retribution, who as of this week seem to have acquired a new leader, who had always been behind his attacks, from the beginning.

In the recently finished episode of the WWE flag show, Monday Night Raw, during one of the many matches of the evening, Mustafa Ali and the member of the Hurt Business, MVP, clashed.

Mustafa Ali is the true leader of Retribution

During the contention to intervene around the ring of the red show, the entire Retribution arrived at a certain point, with the five members of the stable who together with other members of the team who apparently according to the WWE storylines are not part of the actual roster of the company, they immediately surrounded the entire ring.

If initially, Mustafa Ali seemed to want to lend a hand to the Hurt Business against the entire Retribution, in a few seconds the scene changed, with Mustafa instead joining the stable of chaos, asking "his boys" to attack the Hurt Business, at your command.

Inviting reactions from fans, WWE posted a couple of tweets regarding Ali's association with Retribution. The first said, "@AliWWE has seemingly revealed himself to be the leader of #RETRIBUTION!" The second was more interactive as it noted, "GIF REPLIES ONLY #WWERaw #RETRIBUTION @AliWWE" Apparently after the emergence in recent weeks of the fact that behind the Smackdown hacker storyline there was Mustafa Ali, now the wrestler who previously fought in the rings of the blue show, would have been revealed as the head of the Retribution stable, with numerous doubts and oddities that fans still would like to see clarified by the company and by the wrestler himself in the upcoming editions of these weekly shows over the course of the next few weeks.