Wade Barrett shares a bout against Drew McIntyre as his incentive for comeback

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Wade Barrett shares a bout against Drew McIntyre as his incentive for comeback

After obtaining release from WWE in 2016, Wade Barrett has surprisingly returned to the screens in recent months, taking on an entirely new role for him: that of the commentator at NXT. A real full-time job, accompanied by a Twitter congratulatory message from Triple H.

But the former leader of the Nexus would not seem to have completely ruled out a return as an active fighter, thus fueling the hopes of his fans. Recently interviewed on DigitalSpy, Barrett said: "In truth, if I was to come back as a full-time in-ring guy, I really would be chasing the sunset of my career.

I don't think there are that many more years left in me. So the question is, what would I want to achieve? The only thing I didn't achieve in WWE that I always wanted to achieve was to become the WWE Champion, and that title is now held by an old friend of mine, Drew McIntyre.

So taking him on for that title is something that certainly might tempt me back for a match or two."

Wade Barrett is not ruling out a return to WWE as a fighter

We remind you that in the past rumors had spread regarding a possible reunion of the Nexus at WrestleMania, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its formation, but the ongoing pandemic forced WWE to trash the plans.

In any case, the British wrestler had been contacted by the company but had decided to refuse the offer because, in his view, he would not have benefited from it . And his former colleague Heath Slater had also expressed himself on the somewhat chaotic management of the stable, who came to blame John Cena for it .

Despite having won the Intercontinental Championship five times and the King of the Ring edition in 2015, Barrett has never managed to "breakthrough" in WWE and get a big push in the main event. Now age is no longer in his favor (he is now 40), but after he finally reconciled with the company headquartered in Stamford, anything could happen.

Wade Barrett has certainly left behind the dark period of his career in which he lost the desire to be associated with the world of wrestling precisely because of the WWE.