What will happen in the upcoming WWE Draft?

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What will happen in the upcoming WWE Draft?

It will be a very important week for the WWE world. In fact, the WWE Draft is scheduled for this Friday at Friday Night Smackdown and subsequently for next Monday with Monday Night Raw. This event every year completely distorts the rumors and there is a lot of curiosity about what will happen in the next few hours.

According to what has been reported by colleagues at Ringside News, WWE is still with the work in progress and that until last night it had only identified the first names to change for the Draft. There is a chance that large roster of Raw and SmackDown will move but at the moment no one has any clues as to who they are.

WWE had first thrown open the rumor mill by announcing the dates of the Draft. Its tweet that was posted on 28th September said, "The future is on the clock. The 2020 #WWEDraft begins Friday, October 9 on #SmackDown
and continues Monday, October 12 on #WWERaw!" also fanned the fires of these rumors.

The latest WWE on next week's Draft

A member of the creative team said that at the moment there are eight names blocked for each roster and that they cannot be exchanged but beyond that, nothing else is known. There is a bit of tension because there are a few days left and it is unknown where some wrestlers will be in the next week.

There is excitement about Draft Day but at the same time it has been noticed that no one is really ready for this event. From the latest rumors it would also seem that WWE does not want to use the NXT roster as an integral part of the Draft.

The answer came from a WWE tweet that tries to raise the wait for the event but without mentioning the yellow and black roster. The WWE posted a tweet in which it stated: "The No. 1 Draft pick should be... #WWERaw #SmackDown" referring to the Raw and Smackdown rosters and without mentioning the third roster that unless sensational twists will not be the protagonist of the Draft.

WWE recently gave a taste of the Draft by moving Mandy Rose from Smackdown to Raw, an event that initially appeared to be related to the feud between Otis and The Miz. During the week, however, we saw a Raw athlete like Kevin Owens at SmackDown.

We had been talking about the WWE Draft choices for some time but at some point Vince McMahon decided to move everything to October in order not to carry out the Draft at the Performance Center.