Rob Van Dam talks about making a comeback to WWE

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Rob Van Dam talks about making a comeback to WWE

It is not the first time in the world of wrestling that great superstars, legends and Hall of Famers of the past have returned to WWE. It often happens and at the same time it happens to see rumors around the hypothetical return to the federation of legends of the past.

This time it's Rob Van Dam's turn: in recent days, possible rumors have emerged about RVD's return to the federation. The wrestler recently left the Impact Wrestling federation and is now free. The contract actually had expired for some time, but then the well-known wrestler did not find an agreement for the renewal and currently the legend of the federation is without a contract, both he and Katie Forbes.

The latest on the possible return of Rob Van Dam

With RVD currently without a contract, many wrestling fans have wondered if WWE is considering taking advantage of the opportunity and maybe bringing RVD back to the federation.

About his comeback, RVD said, "I would consider anything as far as a contract goes, as long as everything made sense. It’s easy for people to think of RVD as just a wrestler, but that’s just something that I do.

For the last several years, my total time in the ring is probably just a couple of hours – maybe five, 10, 12 matches." In reality, the editors of Ringside News have ascertained that currently, the name of RVD is not among the eligible candidates for a return to WWE.

The federation in recent months has cut several wrestlers (some even quite important, think of Rusev or Hall of Famer Kurt Angle) and at the moment has not thought about the return of this wrestler. However, we do not exclude that the situation may change in the coming days, RVD is a free Agent and there are many fans who would like to see the wrestler in the Vince McMahon federation.

The wrestler's career has been affected by his drug problems. Recently, in an interview with, Rob Van Dam made the following statements: "I was arrested when I was the WWE and ECW champion. I was stopped for speeding in Ohio, the car smelled strongly of weed and they found 18 grams of marijuana.

I didn't think the news would get out quickly, but when I got to the arena everyone knew and even initially Vince McMahon refused to talk to me."