Elijah Burke Speaks About Last Match with Chris Beniot

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Elijah Burke Speaks About Last Match with Chris Beniot

Elijah Burke recently spoke about the last Chris Beniot match. Many people now know about the truth of Chris Beniot’s death through Dark Side of Wrestling. Beniot was involved in a murder-sucide. He killed his family, wife and son, then proceeded to take his own life.

This happened in 2007.

Elijah Bruke on His Last Match with Chris Benoit

Benoit’s last match was against Elijah Burke on the 19th of June, 2007. This match took place three days before the murder-suicide. Burke was asked whether or not he noticed anything off about Benoit that night.

Just like many other wrestler, Burke also stated that he found nothing wrong with Benoit that night. "No, not at all. One thing Chris was big on, and hindsight is 20/20 on this if I could say, 'Oh, that kind of makes sense' is just the fact that he said, 'Talk to me out there.

I might forget.' So, after everything that happened, when it came back that he had like the brain of an 80-year-old with Alzheimer, that was like, 'Hmm, that is interesting,'" stated Burke. "In this business, I was always taught that we should communicate in rings.

So, I didn't think anything of it. That could have been a sign. Chris Benoit asking me to talk to him? But other than that, there was nothing that could have tipped me or anyone else off to the extent of the degeneration of his brain per the results of his test."

Viceland's Dark Side of the Ring season 2 covered his last days, including his last match with Burke. Burke was officially the last man to have ever stepped into the ring with Benoit. He shared when he was contacted to appear in the Dark Side episode.

"I would have thought, myself, that they would have contacted me. I was contacted by a movie company when they were talking about doing a movie on him," revealed Burke. "Not saying that was the same company as did Dark Side of the Ring but, I spent that whole weekend with Chris Benoit wrestling him."

Benoit was also involved in a tag team match on the 12th of June. The match involved Burke, CM Punk and Marcus Cor Von. The murder-suicide took place between the 22nd and 24th of June, 2007. Chris Benoit is regarded as one of the best technical wrestlers of all time.