As Draft date nears, more rumours emerge about what could happen

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As Draft date nears, more rumours emerge about what could happen

There are fewer and fewer hours left for WWE Draft, which officially opens this Friday night on SmackDown. And although this time of year always hides interesting surprises and then presents several twists when it comes from words to deeds, there are some rumours about who is destined to change roster starting next week.

Including two Superstars who certainly have important precedents to Raw but are now very deeply linked to SmackDown. One of the reputed voices who talked about it was Dave Meltzer, who on his 'Wrestling Observer Radio' analyzed what has so far been leaked on the Draft in environments close to WWE.

And, according to the information he has gathered, two of the new acquisitions on the red roster should be those of John Morrison and AJ Styles.

AJ Styles and John Morrison: What the Draft would entail on Raw

The two Draft changes in question would both be quite particular, and with obvious consequences on the balance of the two shows.

AJ Styles has been the undisputed star of SmackDown for years, particularly in the period 2016-2018 when he gave birth to two unforgettable WWE Champion kingdoms (enough to give life to the smackDown smash as "House that AJ Styles built").

The Phenomenal One has become one of the flesh-and-blood symbols of the company's blue show, and its previous move to Raw wasn't particularly lucky. All that remains is to find out if WWE has other level plans in mind for him this time around.

Also interesting is the rumour concerning John Morrison. After his debut on SmackDown at the time of MNM, the then Johnny Nitro had to move to ECW to build a real dignity at the character level until he exploded right on Raw.

The fact remains, however, that his return to WWE was inextricably linked to the alliance with his newfound friend The Miz, on which Meltzer has not added any kind of indication. The feeling, therefore, is that Morrison can end up on Raw regardless of the fate of his teammate (who may be drafted in turn, but not necessarily keeping the alliance).

A bit like what happened to Sheamus and Cesaro, when they were both drafted in SmackDown, however, silently putting an end to the multi-winning experience of The Bar. All that remains is to wait until Friday night of SmackDown to get some first indication of these Draft rumours collected by Dave Meltzer. Will the future of AJ Styles and John Morrison really be tinged with red? An answer will emerge in the coming few days.