Rumours indicate one member of Retribution is already out of the stable

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Rumours indicate one member of Retribution is already out of the stable

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, aired as usual from the ThunderDome in Orlando and broadcast on all American TV by USA Network, the now well-known face of the Stamford-situated company's babyfaces, Mustafa Ali, made a sensational turn heel, revealing himself to be the principal and leader of the Retribution, after months of attacks and shows turned upside down by the blows made as real raids by his Retribution henchmen.

After leaving the fans of the WWE Universe literally speechless, Mustafa has not yet released any kind of comment on the thing, except for a few very short sentences on Twitter or some photos that could testify their strength all united.

In a tweet, Ali said, "They asked, “Why?” We asked, “Why not?” @TBARRetribution @RETRIBUTIONMACE @ReckoningRTRBTN @SlapJackRTRBTN"

Is Mercedes Martinez out of Retribution?

During the attack perpetrated on the Hurt Business during the last episode of the WWE red show, all the members of the stable took part in the ring except the female part, the one composed so far by Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez, who in the past weeks have however found a lot of space within the stable, especially in the promos and in the spoken segments.

Apparently, as evidenced by several fans and insiders of the web wrestling sector, the presence of Mercedes Martinez would now appear almost nowhere, a sign that the girl may have been ousted from the stable for no obvious reason at the moment.

In the last post published by Mustafa Ali on Twitter that has the aforementioned statement, in fact, four of the five members of the stable are shown, the best known, with an image that would test the beginning of their hatred towards the company, that hatred that would then lead them to set up the "Retribution" project.

In these images, however, Mercedes is missing, with Mustafa Ali who did not even insert the girl's name in the tweet. Neither, as it so happens, did he start following her on the famous social network, unlike the other members of the stable.

Apparently, for the moment no official news is said to have emerged on the situation of the girl with the stable, pending further news, we invite you to stay tuned every day to our news board, for more news on the world of American and non-American pro-wrestling.

In the meanwhile, Ali also posted another tweet regarding Retribution that said, "Final Warning. @TBARRetribution @RETRIBUTIONMACE @ReckoningRTRBTN @SlapJackRTRBTN"