Chris Jericho on Vince McMahon's comments on Intercontinental Championship

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Chris Jericho on Vince McMahon's comments on Intercontinental Championship

Between Vince McMahon and ex WWE Champion as well as ex AEW Champion, Chris Jericho, there has always been an excellent relationship, both when the Canadian wrestler worked under contract with the Stamford company, and when the athlete then made the sensational leap of the barricade, with the WWE that has, however, for the moment literally "deleted" Jericho from the history of the company, in order not to increase the popularity of the AEW, not making him appear even in the long-standing clips of the federation.

Furthermore, in recent weeks, Jericho, who has now reached the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of his career, wanted to tell several anecdotes of his very long stints he had in the ring of the McMahon-owned company, with the Chairman of the no.

1 federation in the world of wrestling who always confirms to be a unique character, both for organizational skills and for the strange ideas put in place during the shows.

Chris Jericho: "Vince didn't care about the Intercontinental title"

In his latest interview with Inside The Ropes, Le Champion of All Elite Wrestling recalled his match against Wrestlemania 29's Fandango, with Jericho who initially disappointed with it and wanting to go for the Intercontinental title instead.

On the subject, Y2J, in fact, stated: "'How about Wade Barrett? I am a nine times Intercontinental champion. I could go for my 10th win, I would break the record of the 10th Intercontinental title win.' I asked Vince.

And he said, 'Oh nobody gives a damn about that... Intercontinental title' and then I said, 'Well and nobody cares about a match between me and Fandango' He then with an imposing tone said to me, 'This is your job, make him care'

And I said, 'So I can't change your mind anymore?' and he said, 'No' So I hugged him. I hugged my billionaire boss because I wasn't happy with what he wanted from me, prima donna Jericho..." Despite everything, Chris Jericho still managed to do a job so well done that his feud with Fandango and especially the Wrestlemania match became the most supported by the WWE Universe, with the famous fan choirs singing Fandango's entry music in the arena of MetLife Stadium that still echo in the minds of the company's fans.