Who are the high-profile absentees from WWE's Draft this week?

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Who are the high-profile absentees from WWE's Draft this week?

As widely reported recently, WWE wanted to make known the rules of the Draft of this 2020 which is almost at its end, together with the list of Superstars who will be involved in the two days dedicated to moving within its two most important rosters, with about sixty athletes who will have the opportunity to change their roster and with all the others who will instead be made "free agents", with the possibility of marrying into a roster of their choice after the Draft.

After the online emergence of the names of the Superstars that can be moved in the days of today and next Monday, many of the fans of the WWE Universe and among the professionals of the pro-wrestling world, have noticed that the WWE has missed to include in the list of "eligible" Superstars some of its very important top athletes, with most of them still off the TV screens due to injuries and pregnancies and therefore may not be available for a few months to fight.

Who are the Big Names that WWE hasn't included in this year's Draft?

- John Cena has been absent for some time and was not even included in last year's Draft;
- Becky Lynch who is out of action due to her pregnancy in December;
- Big Show which was not even present in last year's Draft but appeared on Raw until a few weeks ago;
- Edge is absent due to a triceps injury;
- Samoa Joe is currently sitting at Raw's comment table.

Although he is working as a commentator, the athlete has assured that his career in the ring is not yet over;
- The Forgotten Sons after being banned from TV shows due to the unfortunate tweet of Jaxson Ryker no one has seen them since;
- Sonya Deville after losing to Summerslam still has no other plans in WWE;
- Jinder Mahal is still out with an injury;
- Bo Dallas has been absent since December 2019.

We are still waiting to see him again;
- The Singh Brothers remained in Canada due to the pandemic and although Robert Roode is back, they have not yet reappeared on WWE TV screens
- Mojo Rawley was kept out for some reason, but nobody knows what he is yet;
- Jimmy Uso is out with a knee injury and left only Jey on this list;
- Ivar was kept out for the injury he remedied on Raw a few weeks ago, leaving only Erik on the list as with Usos.

These are the first ultra-famous names that WWE has avoided including in its annual Draft, (while also giving a brief explanation of their absence):