WWE action held back by several injuries

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WWE action held back by several injuries

During the last episodes of Monday Night Raw, several of the company's flagship Superstars were unfortunately injured, some for something quite irrelevant, some for some much more serious physical problem, with several WWE athletes, as well as the red brand, who unfortunately remained in the pits due to these injuries.

The last only in chronological order to have suffered a bad injury, was the all-time champion of NXT, Finn Balor, who suffered a broken jaw in two different places in the main event of the recent Pay-Per-View (PPV) event, NXT TakeOver 31 held by the company based in Stamford.

Balor thus joins the already injured Angel Garza, Ivar of the Viking Raiders, Edge, Jimmy Uso, Xavier Woods and many others who are still out of the ring carrying different injury.

WWE stars out injured

In her latest interview to the microphones of the show Grown Ass Women, the former WWE world champion also wanted to make it known to her fans that she suffered a face injury, with the girl who apparently broke her nose in one of his last matches, with Mickie saying:

"So, I broke my nose in a match and now I can't fight for at least a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, it sucks... it wasn't too bad an injury. It wasn't like my nose exploded on my face. It was more like it was hunching over and I couldn't breathe to one side anymore to be honest, I thought it might have been more painful, having to put it back then.

Instead, it was more a question of pressure to be fixed. Honestly this pressure has only given me a bit of a headache, some sort of allergy for the last couple of weeks. My nose was displaced in a way that the cartilage was moved out of the nasal cavity and then had to be pushed back.

Apparently, the WWE will also have to do without the services of its former champion over the course of these weeks, as if the serious defections of the various WWE rosters were not enough, with the women's sector that has already been devastated by the important absences of Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey, Kairi Sane and many other athletes who have been absent for some time for very different reasons.