Matt Riddle, WWE sued in harassment case

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Matt Riddle, WWE sued in harassment case

As widely reported a few months ago, with the online outbreak of the famous "Speaking Out" movement, with several women as well as men who denounced on various social networks and in various interviews the alleged sexual harassment they suffered during the course of their career or life on ring of the pro-wrestling world.

Several WWE athletes have also ended up in the crosshairs of some accusers, with two of the biggest names in the McMahon-owned company scene who are involved in the scandal responding to those of Austin Theory and Matt Riddle.

The two, in fact, were accused by two different girls of abusing them, with the accuser of Riddle, Candy Cartwright, who is said to have even revealed that she was violently attacked by the former NXT athlete, who forced the girl to have an oral relationship with him, even without his consent.

Apparently, now, the girl has decided to take legal action, going to denounce not only Matt Riddle but also WWE, EVOLVE and Gabe Sapolsky, for having covered the athlete's actions and for complicity in the above-mentioned acts.


Samantha Tavel is also suing WWE for harassing Matt Riddle

Apparently, the situation becomes increasingly difficult around the Stamford-based federation, with Samatha Tavel, real name of the athlete Candy Cartwright, who is said to have decided to sue all the companies involved in this case, with EVOLVE being the company where these guys were under contract at the time, while WWE is the current company that acquired EVOLVE itself and with Gabe Sapolsky who was in charge of EVOLVE athletes a few years ago.

The woman's claiming $10 million each from each company or person sued in this proceeding. She is suing all these people and companies for damages, moral damages, punitive damages, legal fees and other costs related to the case.

The alleged harassment took place in April 2017, in a parking lot of an arena where the EVOLVE was performing, so according to the girl the company would also be involved, especially for the misogynistic polotica that would be present within the company which would make the environment toxic for girls.

Also according to the accuser, Matt Riddle is said to have blackmailed her to be able to abuse her, forcing her to act lest she lost all the bookings she had already agreed with WWE and EVOLVE for years to come, which then in reality happened (again according to the girl's account), once she began to refuse to continue.