WWE's gamble on newer initiatives pays off, bad vibes seem thing of past for Co.

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WWE's gamble on newer initiatives pays off, bad vibes seem thing of past for Co.

WWE's decision to leave Performance Centers for good seems to have actually paid off for the company led by Vince McMahon. The product both in terms of ThunderDome and in terms of storylines seems quite innovative and especially in the Smackdown roster the ratings seem to be quite positive.

The recent epidemic that has characterized WWE in recent weeks and Vince McMahon's statement for third parties and the Twitch problem in the first place, has seen several reactions within the backstage.

The latest on the WWE world

However, the situation in the WWE world seems to have changed in recent weeks and WrestleTalk's Louis Dangoor reported that the atmosphere is now much more positive, especially since the rosters moved to the Amway Center and both Raw and SmackDown have appreciated.

Compared to the Performance Center, superstars have more and more space here and this has helped morale. Additionally, Friday Night Smackdown superstars noted that Roman Reigns' return as a full-on wrestler has greatly helped boost morale and boosted positivity behind the scenes.

When Reigns decided not to participate in WrestleMania 36, it cast myriad shadows over the company since he is one of its bulwarks. However, his return coupled with other introductions by the company helped it add to the positive vibes it needed to shrug past the doom and gloom of the last few months.

Roman Reigns has always been a leader in the locker room and in recent times he is the wrestler who most of all is leading by example. The wrestler has recently returned and immediately made a great addition to winning, among other things, the title of Universal Champion that he has already defended without problems in Clash of Champions.

Speaking of the PPV event, all three PPV events WWE has had after WrestleMania 36, from SummerSlam to PayBack to Clash of Champions, each has been a roaring success. In addition, the change in the schedule of recordings, which include these recorded more and more briefly, has led WWE talents to be more relaxed.

WWE went through a very difficult time during the pandemic, Vince McMahon, the management and all the wrestlers had to adapt to surprising circumstances and at the same time they continued to create content for their programs.

A number of things have been happening recently in the WWE world with the Twitch situation annoying several athletes on the various rosters at the same time. The situation, except for this one, is set to improve with WWE talents happy and motivated to work at the new Amway Center.