Christian on WWE Backstage and CM Punk

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Christian on WWE Backstage and CM Punk

Christian is a former WWE Superstar and he recently spoke about WWE Backstage. WWE Backstage was a WWE stage that used to air on FS1. The show spoke about various WWE wrestling related stuff. CM Punk was one of the analysts on the show.

Christian was on the Busted Open Radio. He stated that the show was not cancelled due to bad ratings, which the show was receiving by the way. He simply stated that the show could not continue during the pandemic.

Christian on WWE Backstage and CM Punk

"I don't think it went awry," Christian said.

I think it was like any other new show. It's a working progress. Going back to talking about the Edge and Christian Show, the first half of that season, it was not very good at all and it took some different trials and errors to see what it was that fit and a show like hadn't really been done before.

So, I think that with the promo school and the different segments just trying to find the proper footing and I think that--like anything, some shows were better than others and that's the way it goes when you have a show that's infancy."

"You're trying to build it up, but even when it ended - it didn't get canceled because of ratings if that's what people thought," Christian added. "The rating direction - really happy with the ratings.

The ratings were actually very strong and whatever was in that timeslot before Backstage, did a fraction of the rating that Backstage did and then, also the replay often will do just as very close to the original ratings and then obviously, the YouTube views and the social media views.

It was a really well-watched show actually. So, you can't just go off that first number of that first viewing. There was more to it than that. So, I think it was a victim of circumstance for the kind of time we're living in now and it was unfortunate and I hate to see anybody get put out of work for any reason at all.

It's tough." He then spoke about CM Punk and his involvement in the show. CM Punk was without doubt one of the reasons why people even watched the show. "I think he took it seriously," Christian said. "I don't think he wouldn't have done it if he was just going to commit and half-a-s it.

I never have known him to be that type of guy. I don't see why he would do that, but the few times I went on and he was on the show, he was 100% present and super into everything and had his finger on all the stuff that was going on. So, he took it very, very seriously and I thought he did a good job."