*Spoiler* Lars Sullivan, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston reunite on SmackDown

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*Spoiler* Lars Sullivan, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston reunite on SmackDown

The latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown was truly sensational, with the annual Draft having already loaded with the hype the fans of the WWE Universe, but with the management of the company having at the same time prepared several big surprises for its followers, which have certainly not disfigured, with several athletes who have reappeared on his television screens after months of absence and who have done nothing but raise interest in an already sensational episode of his own.

In fact, during the last episode of the blue show of the Stamford company, Xavier Woods unexpectedly thought about returning to the WWE rings, in the company of Kofi Kingston and Lars Sullivan, both kept out of the in-ring action for away from a leg injury (albeit different) and both returning to work in the WWE rings just tonight.

As for the third member of the New Day absent for the longest time, together with the other member absent for a few weeks, Kofi Kingston, the athlete returned from a tear in the Achilles tendon that kept him out of the in-ring zone since last year, with the wrestler who took a whole year to recover, but in the end, he returned in the best way.

Xavier Woods and Lars Sullivan return to dominate at Smackdown

After a brutal feud with Sheamus, Big E thus found both his companions in the last episode of the blue show, with the three remaining, however, very little time together, since already with the draft the WWE has decided to separate the team, sending Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston on Monday Night Raw and leaving Big E at Smackdown instead.

During the Smackdown evening that ended on Monday evening, 9th October, Lars Sullivan, the other athlete away from WWE action for over a year, also thought about making his sensational return to the McMahon rings, with the mammoth ex NXT athlete who had begun to sow panic on the main roster several months ago, but in the end he was first the victim of a bad knee injury and then of a red light scandal linked to the online emergence of a video shot in young age together with another man, who had left WWE Universe fans astonished.

After months of total oblivion, Lars is back on the Smackdown rings in the only way he knows, devastating anyone who comes within range, intervening at the end of the tag team match between Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle against The Miz and John Morrison, making a clean sweep of the ring.

After the attack, Stephanie McMahon communicated to WWE Universe fans that Lars Sullivan will be included in the Draft choices that will be made next Monday, in the Raw roster section.