After first WWE Draft, all eyes on 2nd Draft day on Monday Night Raw

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After first WWE Draft, all eyes on 2nd Draft day on Monday Night Raw

The first part of WWE Draft 2020 took place on Friday night in the recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown on 9th October, with Raw and SmackDown choosing their athletes from the pool of names that were made available for the first night of negotiations.

There was no shortage of surprises, such as seeing the dissolution of a long-standing alliance, but some confirmations were also received with respect to the indications that had circulated in recent days from America. And also, for this reason, another rumor that is bouncing in the meantime must absolutely be taken into consideration.

According to what 'WrestleVotes' has collected, in fact, the second tranche of the Draft (scheduled for Monday night during Monday Night Raw) could see the return of none other than Bray Wyatt to the red roster. Obviously with his "alter ego" The Fiend and the entire fleet of characters from the Firefly FunHouse.

Bray Wyatt from Raw to SmackDown: How It Happened

Recall that Bray Wyatt, with his new character, exploded right on Raw during 2019. The Fiend, on the other hand, debuted in that year's edition of SummerSlam, scrambling Finn Bàlor.

His character, who immediately became one of the main sensations of the main roster, then captured the attention of Fox in view of the debut on its stations of SmackDown. And that also facilitated his transition to the blue roster, where he has twice held the title of Universal Champion since then.

It will now be verified whether Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will decide to bring Bray Wyatt and his The Fiend back to the Raw rings (and USA Network channels), especially given the fact that we already know that Roman Reigns will stay in SmackDown instead.

But after the decisions on New Day and AJ Styles (which were foreseen by some insiders), it is possible that even in this case it is appropriate to keep our eyes open. Because even this prediction could turn out to be correct. All that remains is to wait for the Raw Draft on Monday, 12th October to find out.