Mickie James on Becoming a Free Agent

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Mickie James on Becoming a Free Agent

Mickie James is a legendary WWE female wrestler and she recently spoke about becoming a free agent. James is regarded by some as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. Her career has also lasted longer than most other female superstars of her generation.

She was present way before the WWE Women’s Evolution started. In fact, some people think that her feud with Trish Stratus more than 10 years ago brought females into the main event picture.

Mickie James is Now a Free Agent

Mickie recently made her return to WWE after recovering from a severe injury that kept her from competing for a really long time.

She recently stated that she is not happy about becoming a free agent. The WWE Draft started last Friday on Smackdown. Seth Rollins was one of the major names to be included in the draft. However, James stated that she should have been picked.

She stated that she has more titles and career wins than the other free agents that include Humberto Carrillo, Murphy, Drew Gulak, Tucker, Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado), and Shorty G. She recently tweeted: "A little @WWE #FreeAgentFunFact for you: Mickie James has more career & title wins than Humberto Carrillo, Murphy, Drew Gulak, Tucker, Lucha House Party & Shorty G combined!

Enjoy your day!?? #NoOffenseFellas #YouSeemLikeNiceFolks #justthefacts #ImAFreeAgent #FreeAgentMickie" Robert Stone then asked James if she was willing to collaborate. She replied: “Can you get them to put some RESPECT on my name? Apparently they forgot it "Mickie ''n James" if so let's talk...

if not... take a walk!" For a long time, James was working at the WWE Performance Center before she made a return to WWE TV. She spent a long time away from WWE and worked for various wrestling promotions, including Impact Wrestling.

It was in Impact Wrestling that she finally began gaining traction and eventually found her way back to WWE. Since her return, Mickie James has been involved in some feuds. Her most prominent one being with that of Alexa Bliss.

She even fought her for the WWE RAW women’s title which was held by Bliss at that time. Since then, James has not been part of any main event picture.