SmackDown: Will The Usos go the New Day way and be split?

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SmackDown: Will The Usos go the New Day way and be split?

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE pulled out all possible inspiration to stage the most unlikely surprises and the most original segments, with several twists that many would never have expected, especially among the WWE Universe fans, who enjoyed the episode of the blue show from start to finish, both for the various calls of the official 2020 Draft and for the various returns fielded by the company.

After the return of Kofi Kingston and his partner Xavier Woods, who also managed to get their hands on their ninth tag team world title, only to be "blown" by Big E, or the rest of the New Day, WWE also sent another sensational return, that of Lars Sullivan, who devastated the team formed by Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle, before taking it out also with The Miz.
But what other surprises will be waiting for us on Monday in the second and final evening dedicated to the Draft?

SmackDown: Will The Usos also be separated from WWE due to the Draft?

As reported by the pages of the well-known overseas site of the Wrestling Observer, there is said to have been a lot of chatter about the future of Smackdown's twin brothers due to the Draft that took place on Friday night, since the call was only for Jey Uso and not for the full Usos team.

Although Jimmy is currently injured for a long time and although the WWE has kept out of this draft all those who are still absent for a few months, many of the fans of the WWE Universe and among the insiders would be worried about the future of WWE's Samoan team.

One of the unwritten rules of the WWE is to keep real-life couples together even at work, with for example Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins who had been entrusted to the Raw rings as a fixed couple in life and with the federation therefore also wanting them to continue working together, to be closer.

With Friday's Draft, however, Naomi has also been moved to Raw, with an internal conflict of interest that is said to be frightening the company's Usos fans. In fact, once he returns, will Jimmy return to his brother's side in Smackdown or to his wife's side in Raw? According to the journalists of the well-known American site, Jimmy Uso should return to work in Friday Night SmackDown once the long injury is over, but nothing is known about his wife's fate at the moment.