Chris Masters talks about bad blood between him and JBL

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Chris Masters talks about bad blood between him and JBL

Former WWE superstar Chris Adonis, better known in the ring as Chris Masters, was a guest on the YouTube show The Hannibal and shared some of his experiences in the Vince McMahon-owned federation. Chris Masters, whose real name is Christopher Todd Mordetzky, fought for Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) between 2005 and 2007 and returned in 2009 before being released for good in 2011.

His debut for WWE came under the ringname of "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters, with the first part of his nickname referring to his toned and well-built physique. After Masters' release, he worked on Impact Wrestling and other indie wrestling circuits.

During the interview Chris Masters was asked about his backstage experience with JBL and if it was true that the Texan wrestler had bullied him.

Chris Masters and the JBL background in WWE

In the course of the interview, Chris Masters confirmed that JBL tried to harass him during his first WWE experiences and told an anecdote about his first trip to Tribute to the Troops.

Here are his words: "The first year I went to Afghanistan to honor the troops I remember we put ourselves in different groups, then each one managed itself and then the whole group is separated into three or four different groups.

I remember there were JBL, Mick Foley, Trish Stratus, Carlitos and Fin Finlay with us. Throughout the trip JBL was taunting and insulting me and I remember it really bothered me, it was tough. I was 20 and I wanted to fight back, but I knew he was one of the veterans of the company, he had been in WWE for over a decade."

Chris Masters, returning to the topic, spoke about this problem and recalled that such things can denigrate and destroy the trust of every person. Here are his words about it: "When you listen to things like this happening between the guys I think it's really bad.

They work negatively on your mind and try to destroy you by making you and others believe you are worth little." Chris Masters went on to say that JBL was not the only one doing this and said that several veterans in WWE did this to test younger wrestlers. This could have been a strategy and therefore it is not said that this was intentionally wanted by the expert wrestler.