Chris Jericho on His 30-year Long Career

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Chris Jericho on His 30-year Long Career

Chris Jericho is one of the most famous wrestlers in the world and he recently spoke about his 30-year long career. He actually wrote a book to celebrate his 30th anniversary. His book is called Complete List of Jericho: 30 Years of Smashes, Matches, & Hits and is available for pre-order.

He spoke about his career on the Busted Open Radio.

Chris Jericho on HIs 30-year long Career

"When you're talking about the career of Chris Jericho, I don't think you're ever going to see it again. I'm putting out a book.

The presale starts [October 7] …It might not be out for a couple of months because apparently, The Rona [COVID-19], has stopped publishing as you know – I don't know why – but I've kept a list of every single match I've ever had since [my debut on] October 2, 1990," stated Jericho.

"And I still have the piece of paper where I wrote number one: October 2, 1990, against Lance Storm at Ponoka [Alberta, Canada] Moose Hall, what the finish was, what's the star rating, and how much money I made. In every single match that I ever had, I wrote that down.

"So, you're talking about a 30-year span of when the business first started. Tommy [Dreamer] can attest this - you still weren't allowed to go over spots before the match. You still weren't allowed to talk to your opponents outside of the arena or in the arena.

If you were seen talking to a bad guy and you're a good guy, you would get fired, or fined, or whatever, all the way up to now and today. So, it really is cool to kind of see this history that I have come in from one generation to the next, and I've been able to document it every step of the way.

So, I don't think you're ever going to see that again and, in that respect, it is a very cool night for me after all these years." He also spoke about “The List”. That was his last gimmick in WWE and was actually super successful.

"I'll tell you why I started doing it, because my first day of The Hart Brothers' Pro Wrestling Camp, Keith Hart was there. It was the only day we saw him after he collected our money and split, but he said, 'Do you have any questions?' He kind of explained what was going to happen for the next two to three months in the school, and I asked him, 'How many matches have you had?' And he was really annoyed," recalled Chris Jericho.