Seth Rollins readies himself bid adieu to Monday Night Raw

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Seth Rollins readies himself bid adieu to Monday Night Raw

One of the biggest "market hits" this Draft saw on its first day of commuting from Raw to Smackdown and vice versa was certainly the one involving Monday Night messiah, Seth Rollins, who was moved from the ring.

of the red show, in which he has practically always played, to those of Friday Night Smackdown, with the former Universal Champion who seems to have not lost even his enemies, given that Dominik and Rey Mysterio are together with him in that of the WWE's blue show that takes place every Friday night.

The wrestler whose real name is Colby Lopez, has been a part of WWE since 2010 and it was here that he got his ringname of Seth Rollins. He has been a part of Raw in various roles and so, it will be a little odd to see him wrestle on a different day for a different type of action.

After several twists hit the rings of the WWE flagship show, with Seth Rollins who tried in every possible way to knock out the entire Mysterio family, also raging on young Aalyah, who according to him may not be a daughter of the San Diego elf, Seth Rollins is preparing to say a big hello to the red show's rings, to give to fans and colleagues in the next episode tonight.

Seth Rollins preparing to give a big farewell to the Raw rings

In the latest social message that Seth Rollins has, in fact, shared on his official channels, a great expectation emerges for what the unscrupulous messiah of the red show might have in mind, which will soon have to become the "Friday Night Messiah", by way of of its displacement.

As reported on Twitter, in fact: "Still with you a little longer. Where I’m going, they cannot come. Final address of the Monday Night Messiah... for the Greater Good. #WWERaw" Apparently, a crackling ending is expected for the feud between the Mysterio, Murphy and Seth Rollins, which apparently could only be the close of a chapter and not the entire book, given that Rollins and the Mysterio were drafted together with Smackdown and that then from there they could continue to carry on their feud that has continued since before Wrestlemania.

The very first attack suffered by Rey at the hands of the Monday Night Messiah, in fact, still had the audience present in the room that incited the athlete of Mexican origin to rebel against him.