Triple H's thoughts on the significance of Roman Reigns-Drew McIntyre clash

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Triple H's thoughts on the significance of Roman Reigns-Drew McIntyre clash

The history of WWE is dotted with the greatest feuds, the greatest wrestlers and also the greatest storylines that have united dozens and dozens of legendary athletes, with some matches that have entered the history of the entire world of pro-wrestling by rights, such as the historic and unforgettable battle between Hulk Hogan and Andrè The Giant at Wrestlemania 3.

In his latest interview with the microphones of New York Comic Con, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Triple H had his say on a huge challenge that WWE fans have been waiting for for a long time.

Every decade/twenty years, in WWE history repeats itself, with several athletes who manage to become so famous all over the pro-wrestling world, that by going to clash with each other they are able to stage the most important battles of this discipline, with WWE Universe fans in seventh heaven, who have been waiting for such matches for years now.

Triple H outlines the next feud of the decade in Reigns vs McIntyre

While the expected feud between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre has been, for the moment, removed from the draft, Triple H, nonetheless wanted to break a lance in favor of the two concerned.

He said, "The Draft period is always an exciting time because it creates these things - I think that in some fantasies, many would like to see something, but I don't want to yet see Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns together.

I would like to see it grow slowly because I think in a couple of years it will come by itself and Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre is a scenario like a Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair, or a Rock vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and you certainly don't want to have it before it's perfect.

This is what makes Draft exciting for me in these moments, where everyone says 'Well what if?' or maybe 'Wow and if it becomes reality.' " Although there have already been several important clashes between the two in the Stamford company's rings, such as that of Wrestlemania 35, Triple H is still convinced that between the two is obviously not yet over, with the COO foreseeing new clashes in the future, with the two current world champions staging great matches, which will go down in history as those of the luxury predecessors, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, The Rock and Steve Austin.