Lars Sullivan accused of molesting a woman

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Lars Sullivan accused of molesting a woman

The last year has been really black for the mammoth WWE athlete, Lars Sullivan, with the monster heel par excellence of the McMahons who first underwent a delicate operation on his leg for a bad injury that had hit him in the past months and then was came to grips with the online emergence of an old red-light video made with another guy, which the athlete had shot to try to make some money before landing on the most famous wrestling rings in the world.

After chasing away the gossips and calming things down, WWE has seen fit to bring Lars Sullivan back to its rings more than a year after his last appearance in the McMahon rings, with a brutal attack perpetrated against Matt Riddle.

Jeff Hardy and The Miz, in the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, the one dedicated to the annual Draft, in which Sullivan was eventually included, who will be assigned to a new roster just tonight.

Lars Sullivan is accused of molesting a woman

Apparently, the WWE athlete would not seem to be able to stay out of trouble, with a woman famous online for her yoga classes accusing him of being harassing with some explicit messages that the wrestler would have sent her in personal chat.

The girl in question, who is called Annika Naidoo and is a yoga teacher, would have revealed all the inappropriate messages that Lars would have sent her, to the Bodyslam site, with screenshots of the messages that were sent by the same girl to the site, which he later posted, exposing Lars Sullivan's work, who once again shot himself in the foot.

You will be able to see for yourself the images of the explicit request from the WWE athlete (who has a profile not yet verified but which is followed by many of the WWE athletes who would therefore confirm the identity) to the girl, in some messages that end later with the blocking of the same against the wrestler.

Lars Sullivan has quite a shady cyber past which is well documented. He made several posts on a bodybuilding message board prior to joining the WWE those were quite racist and homophobic. He was later fined $100,000 by WWE for those posts which went viral soon after his debut on the main roster.

Later he suffered the injury and got shelved for a longer timespan. WWE is yet to make any statement on the recent issue that is bothering Lars Sullivan. Despite the backlashes, we hope that he will be a part of the Draft Night II, tonight.

As of now, the prediction is that WWE will keep him on the Smackdown brand while another monster Braun Strowman will be on Raw. Those two behemoths will be kept separate, for now.