Eva Marie set to make imminent return

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Eva Marie set to make imminent return

After seeing some returns in that of Friday Night Smackdown, in the last episode of the blue show last Friday, with the WWE that took the ball in sight of the Draft that was sent on stage for the first evening in the same weekly episode of his famous show, apparently the surprises should not be over, with a very welcome return for the WWE Universe male audience that would now be around the corner.

The wrestler we are talking about is the former wrestler of the company seen in the Raw and Smackdown rings: Eva Marie, who was absent from the McMahon rings and then definitively abandoned the action, causing not a little disappointment to the male audience of the company.

As revealed by numerous overseas newspapers, including the Cultoholic website, the return of Eva Marie should now be imminent, with the wrestler with the flaming red hair who has already signed a new agreement with the McMahons to return to the scene with the WWE.

Update on Eva Marie

Although there is not yet the official on the thing, it now seems almost certain that the girl should return shortly to fight in the rings of the Stamford company, with her second debut that could even arrive in the night, in the episode of Monday Night Raw dedicated at the second evening of the Draft, which could thus also see Eva Marie among the protagonists of the trips.

Apparently, according to the latest rumors that have revolved around the McMahon company in recent weeks, Eva Marie shouldn't even be the only woman to return to fight on the WWE square after years of absence. In addition to the beautiful Eva, in fact, Melina, former girlfriend of John Morrison and former athlete with him of Lucha Underground, should return soon, with the former manager of MNM who could soon return to tread the rings that made her famous just like the redhead of the federation, in a period in which any type of new face, male or female is always welcome and supportive, given the large absences in the company's roster.

Eva Marie spent four years in WWE, starting off as an NXT hotshot and making her way to the main roster. Despite her unique look and gimmick, she never saw the shine of the championship belt around her shoulder. Towards the end of her WWE days, she was locked in a gimmick that saw her missing out on matches due to ‘excuses’. She would, according to the storyline, do whatever she could to avoid in-ring action.