WWE to stay in the ThunderDome for a few more weeks

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WWE to stay in the ThunderDome for a few more weeks

The WWE experience in the ThunderDome looks set to continue for a few more weeks than initially expected. WWE's original contract with Orlando's Amway Center was initially set to end at the end of October. There have also been reports of a plan by the company to go back to organizing their shows around America, following the conclusion of the deal in the facility that also hosted the NBA bubble.

Plans that may still be in effect, but apparently could be put on hold for another month. 'PWInsider' was the first site to give the tip, later confirmed by the 'Wrestling Observer' The two authoritative sources have in these hours stated that the WWE agreement with the Amway Center has been extended by four weeks.

WWE is therefore expected to continue hosting recordings of Raw, SmackDown and its PPVs in the ThunderDome through the end of November. This would likely mean that Survivor Series will also be held in the same facility where SummerSlam aired.

The original contract indicated the costs to be paid by WWE for each date and specified that no fans would be allowed to participate live in the events. If it is simply an extension of that agreement, it is likely that these terms are the same in effect for this additional month as well.

WWE to continue running at the ThunderDome

The shows at the ThunderDome have helped WWE to increase the energy level in their weekly programs and in ppv events, so much so that even the ratings and in general the television responses have started to smile again after months of deep red.

One more reason to induce Vince McMahon and associates to extend an agreement that has brought significant benefits for WWE, despite the considerable costs that the agreement with the Florida structure brings with it. An agreement that is now close to being extended for the third month.

The first source to speak openly about a possible farewell to the ThunderDome was 'WrestleVotes' The situation was explained in these words: "In recent weeks, WWE has put together a team of people looking for new places to air.

TV shows from an outdoor location, once the ThunderDome contract is terminated." 'WrestleVotes', however, had talked about simultaneous trips for the Raw and SmackDown Superstars, with costs therefore kept appropriately low by the WWE.

It's unclear what the plan will be once this month has run out though as WWE might end up being forced to find a new venue, or tour from place to place to keep putting on and taping new television shows, especially as the pandemic seems to be getting worse, not better. Still, the ThunderDome remains the new normal for now!