Elias returns from injury on WWE Raw

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Elias returns from injury on WWE Raw

WWE doesn't seem to have finished its surprises since last week's Friday Night Smackdown episode. If athletes of the caliber of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston or the monstrous Lars Sullivan returned to the blue show, even in the red show on Monday night a great return was needed, which eventually arrived and was more "sonorous " that never.

Among the many moves that took place thanks to the Draft, WWE has also staged some matches never seen before, thanks to the possibility of temporarily joining both Raw and Smackdown wrestlers, in a special episode of Monday Night Raw that will be remembered for a while ' of time.

In the last episode of the company's flag show, WWE aired a triple threat match between Seth Rollins, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles, with all three athletes in question having changed their roster with this Draft, with Hardy and Styles switching to Raw and Rollins marrying Smackdown instead.

During one of the most salient phases of the triple threat match in question, the Smackdown athlete Elias, who has now also been drafted in Raw, made his long-awaited return, going to attack with his famous acoustic guitar, the ex-US champion Jeff Hardy, smashing it on his back.

Apparently, the next feud that will involve the smallest of the Hardy brothers will be precisely with the returning Elias, who will explain next week, (in all probability), the reason why he blatantly attacked Jeff, without his return being planned.

Elias returns from injury on WWE Raw

Recall that the two were also protagonists of an angle in that of Smackdown, where Elias was hit by Jeff Hardy's car which was not driven by the future Intercontinental champion, with Elias who could probably still be angry with him for that story though.

Later in the show, The Drifter revealed he attacked Jeff because he thinks the former Intercontinental Champion hit him with a car back on May 29. The identity of the man behind the wheel of the car which struck Elias has never been confirmed by WWE, though.

The hit and run angle was set up to write Elias off TV after he legitimately suffered a torn pectoral muscle. He was expected to be out of action for months, and he ended up spending five months on the sidelines. In reality, Elias suffered a torn pectoral muscle and was forced to undergo surgery.

Just moments after Elias attacked Hardy, Stephanie McMahon announced that the Raw brand had decided to acquire the services of the former 24/7 Champion.