WWE announces in-ring return for Lars Sullivan

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WWE announces in-ring return for Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan made a surprise appearance on Friday night in SmackDown, in one of the most unexpected twists of the last few weeks. There had been no news of the WWE Freak par excellence for several months, so much so as to generate more than a few doubts about the actual continuation of his career, as well as the existence of plans for him.

And indeed now there may be a relaunch for him, even if in Stamford they will no longer be able to carry out the plans that originally concerned him. According to what was discovered by 'Fightful.com', in fact, when the WWE decided to promote Lars Sullivan on the main roster, the final goal was to send him against another giant par excellence of the federation: Brock Lesnar.

Logically, however, this cannot be achieved in recent months, given that The Beast Incarnate is not only stationary in his home in Canada, but has currently terminated his contractual commitments with the WWE and it is not known when he will actually return to a ring wrestling.

Lars Sullivan returned to WWE on the first night of the draft

After months of total oblivion, Lars Sullivan is back on the SmackDown rings in the only way he knows, devastating anyone who comes within range, intervening at the end of the tag team match between Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle against The Miz & John Morrison , clearing the ring.

After the attack, Stephanie McMahon communicated to WWE Universe fans that the monstrous athlete will be included in the Draft choices that will be made this Monday night, in the Raw roster section. Lars Sullivan, however, has as known had to go through several difficulties after his first passage on the main roster.

Initially stopped by bad anxiety problems, he was then forced to stop with a knee injury. Also important are the troubles on the private life front, from the red light scandal on the video shot at a young age with another man, to the most recent allegations of online harassment against a woman.

According to comments made on Wrestling Observer Radio, there is a planned direction for Sullivan. Whether the company sticks to this direction or not might be another story but the plan is for Sullivan to eventually feud with Braun Strowman.

“Well, you knew that Lars Sullivan’s feud is not going to be with Miz and Morrison, they’re just there to get destroyed,” said Dave Meltzer. “It’s Strowman in a year but not yet, they are on a different sides,” Meltzer continued to say about where Lars is going.

There is, Braun Strowman in a year,” Meltzer then responded when Bryan Alvarez sounded skeptical that there is a plan. “I already know that”.