Heath Slater on what went wrong between WWE and him

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Heath Slater on what went wrong between WWE and him

Heath Miller, better known as Heath Slater during his days as a WWE wrestler, was recently interviewed on David Penzer's Sitting Ringside podcast. In the course of the interview, Slater talked about his beginnings in the world of wrestling, the FCW and the Nexus as well as his experience in WWE and his release in general.

The interview with Heath Slater and the various topics discussed

The wrestler began by talking about his friendship with Arn Anderson. Here are his words: "Arn Anderson helped me in the early days and in the development phase in WWE, it was very important for my career and ours was a beautiful friendship so much that it still controls me today.

We definitely have respect for each other and outside of wrestling we are friends too. My wife and his wife are also friends and there is a really great relationship. He is a good man who helped me in my beginnings also economically, he helped me decide what to do with my money so that it could grow."

Heath Slater talked about the tailor who held him in check at one point in the federation and that he felt oppressed: "Every time I felt like they didn't want me to push my limits just because they thought I could do something good.

It used to happen that they put me in a story and then disappeared for a while, when I noticed that it happened several times I have to say I was quite frustrated. You start asking questions and they tell you 'you are asking too many questions', it is a situation that bothers you a lot and you know there is no communication between the parties.

It went wrong because you have a boyfriend who wants to work and wants to do good things but you don't send him anywhere. It's a vicious circle that hurts you." Heath Slater was one of the superstars released on April 15 but returned for one last match with WWE that took advantage of the three-month clause Vince McMahon imposes on all his employees. The member of the Nexus was also praised after that evening by the well-known Hall of Famer Booker T.