Backstage news on Forgotten Sons' future

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Backstage news on Forgotten Sons' future

In recent weeks, several WWE athletes have been missing from the in-ring action, with the company managing to surprise many of their returns, keeping them under wraps for the two episodes of the Draft TV tapings, which took place last Friday on Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night on Monday Night Raw.

For the moment, WWE has indeed managed to bring back athletes such as Lars Sullivan, Elias, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston to its rings, with the latter having even become Smackdown duo champions once again, only to be drafted in that of the red show and change their titles with Street Profits, who instead moved on to work on Smackdown.

Another team that has been missing for a long time only for a political issue, the boys had in fact been deliberately ousted from the WWE storylines for an unhappy tweet released on the famous social network, in which Jaxson Ryker incited the hard work of Donald Trump in full contrast with the African-American population in the midst of the controversy that broke out over the death of George Floyd in the so-called Black Lives Matter, is that of the Forgotten Sons, a trio that the WWE had moved to the Smackdown ring and to which it had already entrusted a small initial push, then cut off sharply from one day to the next.

Apparently, the period of "exile", however, could end soon, with one of the protagonists of the stable who spoke in the last hours of a possible close return.

Update on Forgotten Sons

To the microphones of the podcast "Borne The Battle", Steve Cutler said: "I can't tell you and I wouldn't tell you anyway.

The only thing is that you have to be patient for these things and do what we can for our commercial, having patience for our time to come, which is coming, don't worry. Is near" Apparently, the former NXT athlete is said to be convinced that despite the complaints and non-appearances caused by Ryker's tweet in the past few months, the stable will still return to the WWE rings, perhaps not complete, with the federation letting only two of the three team members to reappear, but anyway we may soon see the Smackdown talent that has long been missing from the federation's weekly shows.

We’ll have to see how long it takes for the Forgotten Sons to return. The WWE Draft seemed like the perfect opportunity, but it didn’t happen. Fans could be treated to a surprise return sooner or later. The big question is if they will return as a duo after dropping their controversial third member.