Finn Balor provides more details on his recent surgery

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Finn Balor provides more details on his recent surgery

As reported immediately after NXT TakeOver 31, reigning NXT champion Finn Balor had a double fracture of the jaw, suffered right in the main event of the last TakeOver staged by the roster of the WWE yellow show, with the great match between Balor and Kyle O'Reilly, who despite everything was sent on stage as it should, with both athletes who, despite having come out battered by the contest, still gave their all for their fans.

After a shocking photo posted by NXT Champion himself in which both fractures to his face were clearly seen, Finn Balor had to undergo an operation that would put all the destroyed pieces of his face back together, with a delicate surgical operation that ended in the best way and which will therefore allow the reigning champion of the WWE Wednesday night yellow show to be able to return soon to the rings so loved by the WWE Universe.

Update on Finn Balor

To try to clarify the roadmap of Finn Balor's injury, a medical site also thought of it, which when asked about the severity of the injury that hit the NXT Champion, he let himself go to some hypotheses about when an athlete might be able to fight again after suffering such facial damage.

In fact, from the pages of the E Medicine Health website, it is clear that jaw fractures usually take around 6 weeks to heal, with some of the doctors using the portal who reported: "Many of the fractures of the jaw require surgery.

Due to this, patients need follow up with an oral operation. Recovery times obviously vary from the type of fracture found; in general, however, the time to recover from a fractured jaw takes at least about six weeks."

Hoping that Finn Balor's injury is not more serious than usual, there are expectations that in no more than a month-and-a-half, the wrestler can return to reign in the yellow show's rings, with WWE Universe fans who were already left orphans of the old champion, Karrion Kross, still struggling with a delicate right shoulder injury, which unfortunately forced him to surrender the title a few hours after winning it for the first time.

Triple H originally announced after Takeover that Balor was taken to a local hospital for x-rays on his jaw. WWE then announced later that night how Balor was receiving CAT scans at the hospital, to check for potential facial fractures.

It was also announced that O'Reilly suffered several broken teeth, and was being evaluated for further injuries. Both competitors now appear to be on the road to recovery.