WWE scraps plans for Bray Wyatt Universal title feud

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WWE scraps plans for Bray Wyatt Universal title feud

As seen during the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss were both drafted in that of the WWE Monday night red show, with the two immediately opening the dance with a bang, going to attack in a manner surprising Andrade and Zelina Vega, with a Sister Abigail each on their opponents.

Apparently, however, these were not to be the initial plans that WWE had in store for Bray Wyatt and then for his alter ego ahead of the company's next ppv, Hell in a Cell, with a huge feud that had already been prepared in that of Smackdown, which in the end was momentarily trashed by the federation, to make room for more on the screens of the FOX Friday night blue show.

Bray Wyatt was booked to wrestle WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

According to reports from the well-known overseas site PWInsider, nonostane Andrade was one of those wrestlers who did not undergo the Draft, the Mexican athlete just like Mickie James, should both remain on Raw, with the former WWE US Champion who apparently he would have already found his new opponent in the now ex Smackdown Fiend.

Apparently, again according to the well-known American site, these were not have been the plans for the Fiend in view of Hell in a Cell, with the company that had, in fact, created a new character inside the Firefly Fun House, or Wobbly Walrus , which was clearly inspired by the features of Paul Heyman, with Bray Wyatt who therefore had to go up against the Universal champion Roman Reigns, flanked by the Mad Genius.

As it is now clear, this feud would have been temporarily discarded by the WWE, with the management believing it is still too early for a clash as important as the Fiend-Reigns one, which Vince McMahon would like for larger stages, such as that of Wrestlemania.

In fact, since he made his debut on the TV screens of Smackdown, the "nice" Wobbly Walrus has never been seen on the company's television screens, a sign that the character has now been set aside to stage plans other than those they were supposed to.

be in sight of Hell in a Cell. Bray dropped the Universal Title to Reigns in a Triple Threat match that also featured Braun Strowman at Payback 2020. This came just one week after he'd won it from 'The Monster Among Men,' doing so on the same night Roman returned from a five-month absence.