Reason why WWE broke up The New Day

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Reason why WWE broke up The New Day

The WWE Draft continues to be discussed and in particular one of the most controversial decisions of this year's edition: the separation of The New Day. The returning Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods will continue to pair up, but in the meantime they have lost Big E.

A central figure in their conquest of nine Tag Team titles between Raw and SmackDown, but also the one who for all these years has announced with his noisy and now famous phrase is the arrival of the trio. The feeling, however, is that WWE intends to continue what Big E did in the period of absence from the ring of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

The confirmation comes from the 'Wrestling Observer', according to which the WWE has decided to exploit the potential as a single of the one who in the past had also won the title of Intercontinental Champion as a bodyguard of Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee.

New Day: WWE plans to give Big E a huge push and possibly a title run

In other words, Stamford will continue to focus on The New Day as the dominant team in the duo category, but focused on a real couple (Kofi & Xavier), while Big E will be called to fight its battles alone.

And the separation from New Day was designed to focus the public's attention on the wrestler, no longer considering him a part of the alliance that contributed decisively to his fame. All that remains is to find out if this "new Big E" will release itself even more clearly from the New Day, perhaps wearing new battle clothes not attributable to those of his eternal companions in adventures.

It is not excluded that answers in this sense may arrive already during the next episode of SmackDown. "I think their mentality is to want Big E in a very important single push and the thing that would have precluded Big E from this scenario was that fans' minds only see him as a member of the New Day team.

He shouldn't. be like that, I don't think breaking up with New Day was done the right thing, but I'm sure Big E will still become a big single star by the end of the games, whatever they want him to do and everyone will be happy with it" stated Meltzer in his 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter'

Big E, the powerhouse of New Day, has been restrained by his relations to the team. For those that remember, Big E was a beast back in his NXT days. His name was heard in fear, and everyone knew things were going down when he stepped in the ring.

Now, we just can’t take him seriously when he enters as part of the New Day. The very friendly gimmick never really suited the character of the New Day member, even though he pulled it off well.