Aleister Black discusses his character

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Aleister Black discusses his character

After returning from a very hard injury, (obviously only in a kayfabe key), with Seth Rollins who had pushed Murphy to force Aleister Black to undergo the same treatment reserved for Rey Mysterio against the steel steps at the entrance to the ring, Aleister Black had returned to the rings of Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, to start a new feud with the company's Canadian, Kevin Owens.

After being drafted in Smackdown, with Owens having the same fate as Black, the dark wrestler of the Stamford company seems to have begun a new chapter in his career, with a character yet to be discovered that leaves fans of the WWE Universe every time the athlete performs in the federation rings.

Aleister Black on his character

"I think the draft offers an opportunity for myself to have shining moments wherever I go. If I remain on Raw, I have business to conduct there. If I go to SmackDown, it opens up an entire new array of opponents and superstars I can compete with.

If I get drafted to NXT, I can continue a legacy that I was already building. I was part of a changing tide in NXT, and I can bring NXT to a new level from what I’ve gained on Raw and SmackDown over the past year-and-a-half.

There is an upside to being drafted to SmackDown, there is an upside to being drafted to NXT, and there is an upside to staying on Raw. The change is not about wrestling on a different day. The interesting part for me is about a different set of competitors and a different mindset for those competitors on their respective brands" - Aleister Black said.

"I think the reason for that is we moved so far away from what Aleister Black was in NXT that people started getting confused about what exactly Aleister Black was supposed to be. After a few conversations, I said, ‘I need a different direction.’ That led to the creation of this new Aleister Black, where he is a little more human and people can latch on to him quicker.

Being human doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be a good guy. It also can mean that it is a villain, and you can better understand the motives of where the character comes from. You don’t have to agree with the motives to understand them, but the motive had got lost for Aleister Black on the main roster.

The opportunities presented on Raw and SmackDown are this great chessboard. Aleister Black, he feels that he has never had the opportunity to do what he needs to do. If he doesn’t get those opportunities, he’s going to burn the whole chessboard.

If that means he’s sent to purgatory, that’s fine, because he’s been in purgatory. If you want to take it one step further and send him to hell, that’s fine, too. He’s accustomed to hell, his whole childhood was spent there" - he added.