Dominik Mysterio discusses his favorite memories of Eddie Guerrero

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Dominik Mysterio discusses his favorite memories of Eddie Guerrero

In the episode of Raw on September 21st, Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo participated in a Triple Threat Tag Team match that also included Andrade and Angel Garza and Murphy and Seth Rollins to determine the contenders n° 1 at the Raw Tag Team Championship of the Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) but the match was won by Andrade and Garza.

On the September 28 episode of Raw, Dominik was defeated by Murphy due to the distraction of his sister Aalyah. In the episode of Raw on October 5, Dominik and Humberto Carrillo were defeated by Murphy and Seth Rollins. On October 9, as a result of the Draft, Dominik and his father Rey joined the SmackDown roster.

In a recent interview on The Chris Van Vliet Show, Dominik Mysterio discussed his favorite memories of Eddie Guerrero. “There are so many. There were times where after house shows, Eddie Guerrero would come over to the house – my mom would basically force him to come over and spend the night because she didn’t want him to spend any money staying at a hotel or anything," Mysterio said.

Dominik Mysterio on Eddie Guerrero

"She wanted him to be in the comfort of our home because he was like best friends with my dad. So, I remember waking up in the mornings and having breakfast burritos with him. I remember one time after a Hall of Fame…..I don’t know if you remember the PSP’s that came back in the day, and I had one of the first ones that came out.

He bought me FIFA 04 or something for it, and I remember I was super excited. I still have it in my PSP, and that memory of Eddie will always be with me”. On his vignettes with Eddie Guerrero, Dominik Mysterio added: “I remember doing vignettes with him.

The one here at the park – I don’t remember which park it was but it was a park around here. I remember that very vividly. There were other kids playing at the park and after every take, Eddie would offer candy to me – he would always have candy ready for me.

He was like ‘You ready to go?’ and I’m like ‘Yeah, I’m cool, let’s do it.’ He’d give me some candy and we’re off. I remember Eddie being upset at the end. We were in the back and he was throwing crap and hitting stuff, and my dad was like ‘It’s OK, it happens.’ I was like ‘But is he good, is he OK?’ and “Did I do anything wrong?’ I had to shake the ladder and I was told not to shake it too hard because I didn’t want to knock him off, so I remember I kind of just moved myself and didn’t move the ladder."