Roman Reigns on a Possible Match with The Rock

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Roman Reigns on a Possible Match with The Rock

Roman Reigns recently spoke about having a possible match with the Rock in WWE. Roman Reigns is a former member of The Shield and is one of the most famous WWE stars in the world. Since he is a cancer survivor and has a compromised immune system, he does not perform in WWE these days due to the pandemic.

He is at a high risk of developing complications if he gets infected. Reigns is the current WWE Universal Champion. He will be fighting Jey Uso in a Hell in a Cell match. He was on ESPN First Take to promote the match.

Roman Reigns on Possibly Facing The Rock in WWE

Reigns spoke about facing The Rock in WWE.

The Rock also recently commented on having a match with Reigns in the future as that would gain a lot of attention. Reigns stated that it would be great for the younger generation. "It would be amazing," said Reigns.

"To have someone on his level to put the spotlight on our current generation and what we do within our product in WWE, would be amazing. And just sharing the ring with him would be incredible," he added. Reign then spoke about continuing his family's legacy.

"I'm really enjoying what I'm doing right now with my cousin Jey Uso. To be able to tell that story of our family, the lineage, and the history of where we come from, is pretty cool. To continue it and take this legacy forward is what I'm trying to do," said Reigns.

Reigns will also be fighting Braun Strowman on smackdown in which he will be defending his WWE Universal Title. "To be honest, I don't think Braun Strowman deserves this opportunity to face me," he said. "I've pinned him so many times, but because I am the face of the company, I'm going to hold my obligation of being at the top guy in this business.

I'm going to show up on Friday and kick his ass. "I'm on a different level and I've been displaying it week in and week out. That's what I'm trying to teach these guys. I hope Jey takes notes on what I do to Braun on Friday, because he needs to understand the level that I operate at is a whole different level," added Roman Reigns.