The real reason why Andrade was not drafted

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The real reason why Andrade was not drafted

One of the most important names that was not included in the draft of this 2020, was certainly that of the former US Champion of Monday Night Raw, Andrade, with the Mexican who did not hide his discontent with the direction he wanted to follow.

WWE towards him and that he also expressed a bit of hatred towards the company with some tweets, which then seem to have been "straightened" first by his girlfriend Charlotte Flair and then by the manager of the athlete Zelina Vega.

Apparently, as reported in recent days, Vince McMahon is said to have have little interest in the Mexican talent of the red show's rings, as stated by multiple sources such as the well-known overseas sites Ringside News and Wrestling Observer, with the lotactor that once Paul Heyman, who was the Executive Director of Raw, left the scene, he would remain at the mercy of the Chairman, who apparently would not appreciate his style and his struggle that much.

The real reason why Andrade was not drafted

If all that we have reported were still not enough, to add further annoyance to Andrade's situation, there was also bad luck, with the athlete who would have suffered a not too serious injury, which should however force him to undergo an operation.

surgery, in the coming weeks, which will keep the former US Raw champion away from the company's rings for at least a month. The indiscretion would have been reported in the last hours by the overseas site Wrestling Inc, with the journalists of the newspaper who, however, have not added any information on the type of injury that would have occurred to the athlete, nor on which part of the body will go under the knife.

Apparently, however, despite Charlotte Flair being nominated in Monday's draft and despite the athlete is still out struggling with rehabilitation for yet another surgical operation, Andrade would not have been mentioned by the federation, with the desire to Vince McMahon to insert the Mexican talent in some important storyline that would have been shelved even before it came out on the WWE screens.

We will see now, once the wrestler is back from the injury and the related operation, if, as it is true, WWE will move him once again to NXT, as several fans have speculated and as Andrade himself has hinted at from some tweets.

or whether they will continue sailing on sight with him in the Raw rings. Both Andrade and Flair posted tweets regarding the WWE Draft after it ended on last week’s episode of RAW. Andrade wrote “Thank you/ Gracias [fist emoji x 3]”, which got the fans thinking if he was leaving WWE.

Some even went ahead and assumed a rift in his and Flair’s engagement. Flair responded with a tweet, clarifying that Andrade was in fact thanking his former manager Zelina Vega.