Paul Heyman on getting fired as executive director of WWE Raw

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Paul Heyman on getting fired as executive director of WWE Raw

As you all know by now, WWE had decided to bring back on the road the two well-known faces of world pro-wrestling: Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman, to whom Vince McMahon had entrusted the reins of Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw.

After a very short time, however, Bischoff was immediately removed from the command of Smackdown's creative team, which in reality had seen very few decisions by Bischoff, while instead, Heyman's firing as Executive Director of Raw came after about a year since its inception, with the WWE Chairman replacing both figures with just Bruce Prichard.

Paul Heyman on getting fired

According to Paul Heyman, there were no hard feelings between him and Vince McMahon, unlike in 2006 when he reportedly quit WWE on bad terms. "We left with a smile, a handshake, and a hug," said Heyman [h/t WrestlingNews.Co].

"Absolutely no harsh feelings and actually better feelings about each other because of the way that it ended because it's ended miserably before," he added. Heyman said that the "proof positive" came when McMahon praised him during the quarterly earnings call.

"Vince's only comment was 'I thought he did a great job creatively.' My run in terms of serving at the pleasure of the chairman was up and then this opportunity presented itself both for me, for Roman and for WWE and we all jumped on it," said Heyman, who was replaced by Bruce Prichard as the lead writer of Raw in June.

During the interview, Heyman also revealed that his pairing with The Tribal Chief "had been in the works for eight years" dating back to when Reigns was a member of The Shield. Heyman also provided an update on Brock Lesnar, confirming that The Beast Incarnate was no longer under contract with the WWE and presently weighing all his options while also "enjoying fatherhood tremendously."

The global pandemic has meant WWE hasn’t been able to have fans at their events either, and that is likely a big reason they haven’t shelled out major money to use Lesnar during this time. Paul Heyman appeared on the Ariel Helwani show on Wednesday and explained Lesnar’s position with WWE.

“It depends on if there’s a worthy challenger and enough box office appeal,” said Heyman. “Right now, he’s very happy being a farmer and a magnificent father to his children. However, if there’s something that WWE can offer that intrigues, motivates, or inspires Lesnar, and if the money is right and the business is solid, I’m sure he would be willing to do it,” he added.