Bully Ray Talks about the WWE Draft

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Bully Ray Talks about the WWE Draft

Former WWE Superstar Bully Ray recently spoke about the WWE Draft. The WWE Draft recently ended. The two-night draft took place on Friday and Monday. Many superstars will actually need to build themselves again after they settle into their new brand.

There are many superstars such as Bianca Belair who actually were looking forward to a Draft such as this. Bully Ray actually believes that Belair is going to be a big superstar in the future. Bully Ray recently appeared on WWE The Bump.

He was happy to see that Belair was picked during the draft. According to Bully, Belair has to make a great effort to rise above the women that are already present in the WWE locker room.

Bully Ray on WWE Draft

"There's only one thing Bianca Belair needs to do - be Bianca Belair," Dudley commented.

"All she has to do is do what Mr. Perfect did 30 years ago, which was to be Mr. Perfect. All she has to do is just be Bianca Belair. She truly is the 'EST'; I mean, she is the total package when it comes to a wrestler.

Forget about a female wrestler or a male wrestler - she's an athlete first. She's a superior athlete. She's got a great look. She's got great gear. She's awesome on the microphone and in the ring. She's just going to get better and better.

She is the female version of Mr. Perfect." Bully then spoke about the role that managers will have to play as they will have to choose the right superstar to represent the brand. "If I was making the picks, in the world of sports entertainment, I'd probably look for the best storytellers and the best speakers first," he began.

"Good wrestlers - we know we got that. It's the WWE; it's on top of the food chain. I want to build a company around athletes and talents that I can dive deep into - that I can see a character in." Finally, Bully Ray said, "It's easy for a wrestling fan to respond to a wrestling move - a superkick, a 450, and RKO, what have you.

But I don't want fans to respond to a move. I want them to respond to the performer, the talent, the athlete who is doing the move. If I'm a GM and I'm making my picks, I'm looking for depth of personality. I'm looking for guys and gals that I can get into, that I want to love and I want to hate. I want someone I can invest my emotions into."