WWE wants The Undertaker and John Cena at WrestleMania 37?

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WWE wants The Undertaker and John Cena at WrestleMania 37?

After a troubled year, WWE is hard at work putting on WrestleMania 37, one of the greatest shows ever for Vince McMahon's company. Among the insiders there is a lot of curiosity to know which superstar the Chairman of the federation will call for this match.

In recent months there has been an announcement of the retirement of a WWE legend like The Undertaker, but it seems likely that Vince McMahon will try to contact him to convince him to attend the event. Speaking in the course of Wrestling Observer Radio, the well-known colleague Dave Meltzer took stock of the situation by explaining that the WWE plans to recall two legends of the wrestling world such as The Undertaker and John Cena, but a lot will depend on whether the public can participate or not at the event.

Meltzer stated that provided WWE is allowed to bring fans into the building, they will talk to both Cena and Undertaker about making an appearance, as this is "just how it is, no matter what they say."

When will John Cena and The Undertaker return to WWE?

John Cena and The Undertaker both worked cinematic matches at WrestleMania 36 this year, with Cena falling to 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt inside the Firefly Fun House and Undertaker besting AJ Styles in the Boneyard.

Their last match together went down at WrestleMania 34, when 'The Deadman' squashed the 16-time World Champion in under three minutes. Just today is a special day for John Cena. For some hours the wrestler and now well-known actor has been a married man: Cena, after the sensational breakup with Nikki Bella, the leader of the Chain Gang had been single for some time but for some hours the situation has changed.

According to reports from PWInsider, on Tuesday 13 October, John Cena would have married in a private ceremony with Shay Shariatzadeh. The couple would have married in a ceremony for a few close friends in the city of Tampa with Cena which crowned the marriage with the woman they met on the set of a film in Canada.

The couple had already been made official in March last year and at the beginning of 2020 Cena had admitted he wanted to take this big step. The details of the ceremony are not yet known. At WrestleMania 34, The Undertaker wasn't featured in a match, but John Cena had challenged The Deadman in the weeks leading to the PPV.

At the Showcase Of Immortals, The Undertaker showed up to a shocked John Cena. John Cena got very little offense in his impromptu match against The Undertaker before The Deadman hit the Leader Of The Cenation with a Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

It's unlikely that they would face each other in a singles match, but they could potentially return to feud with others.